“I stood on the border, stood on the edge and claimed it as central and let the rest of the world move over to where I was.” 

Toni Morrison (1993)

 Through my creative practice I work to decipher and conserve oral histories and disappearing knowledge systems from across the Continent, striving for their continuation into the digital future. Design is ultimately a mechanism of self-affirmation. A method of driving preferable futures and worldviews. And as Blackness has been historically banished to the margins, the realms of the exotic, the unknown and unknowable, the politics of design and space making emboldens us to reinforce Black subjectivity and claim uncharted territories asserting and centering ourselves in multiple futures.

Photo Credit: Paloma Lounice, 2023
Photo Credit: Paloma Lounice, 2023


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Miriam Hillawi Abraham is a multi-disciplinary designer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a background in Architecture, she works with digital media and spatial design to interrogate themes of equitable futurism and intersectionality. She holds an MFA in Interaction Design from the California College of the Arts and a BArch in Architecture from the Glasgow School of Art. She has worked as a game-code instructor at Bay Area Video Coalition’s youth program for over three years and is now a Mellon researcher for the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s Digital Now multidisciplinary project. Abraham's work has been featured in the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia as part of the Special Project “Guests from the Future”,  as well the "/imagine: A Journey into The New Virtual" exhibition at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts, the 2nd Sharjah Architecture Triennial and the 14th Shanghai Biennale, “Cosmos Cinema.”