Glasgow School of Art, Stage 2, Housing studio

To Dwell was a mixed-use residential project situated in a town called Bieth just West of Glasgow, UK. According to our group site study we found that Bieth’s residents were mostly pensioners and young or middle-aged commuters. Thus the highstreet of the town had declined, most of the shopfronts being closed or empty.
The aim of this project was to propose a housing project on the corner of the highstreet with an amenity on its groundfloor that has the potential to re-activate the urban society.
My proposal is a largescale greenhouse or glasshouse that generates its own micro-climate making it warm all year round and allowing residents to grow and tend to allotments with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Apartements are located within this massive indoor urban forest on the first and second floor. The apartments are inward facing with windows to the exterior as well allowing for natural heating during the winter and cross ventilation during warmer seasons.