Dark Matter/ Burnt Face

In order to incorporate the “white rice”into a thesis concerned with blackness,
identity and heritage, I needed to alter the material, thereby creating a sort of
“dark matter.”
Blackness has historically been used by the likes of Hegel, to obscure and submerge the ancestral knowledge and artefacts, derail the ingenuity and the future of Africa and her diaspora. This was done through language, pseudo-scientific determinism of anthropology and ethnography and social distrust and mysticism of peoples.
A black monolithic obelisk emerges from the pile of dark matter, pushing through
layers of sedimentation and darkness.
The obelisk was fashioned after the Stelae of King Ezana of the Aksumite Empire.
The 70 tonne obelsik was taken during the 1935 Italian occupation.
It was repatriated to Ethiopia in 2005 after 70 years. After being errected in
Mussolini’s piazza in Rome for all these years, the stele’s destiny has inevitably changed. The model of the stelae was found online rendered into the same piazza. The act of using the same model to reclamation.