Baba Ghanoush is a collaborative project with Areej Al Musalhi.

It is a hand drawn and hand bound graphic novel that follows the adventures of Baba-ghanoush, a cricket-eggplant (aubergine) who DJs by night and wallows in a crippling existential crisis by day.
Baba - G wears a mask at all times, yet they have no memory of when they found the mask, why they wear it or what their face looks like behind it. Throughout the plot Baba-G struggles with the idea of removing the mask and facing their true self, but this might lead to some unprecedented consequences...

Baba-G’s story is a story of metamorphosis.

It echoes the conflicts and anxieties both Areej and I faced as women of colour living in the UK for the first time, so far away from where we’re from.